The Vantage Series - Pt. 2

I bet you're all wondering what Vantage even is. Well, as Google puts it, "Vantage is a census-designated place in Kittitas County, Washington" with a whopping population of 70. So pretty much its the middle of no where. BUT, the long drive out there is totally worth it. It's so gorgeous; the view, the hills, the water, and of course the impeccable sunset we were able to witness. What on earth could go wrong! Right? Ha ya no, life doesn't work like that. We almost got stuck in the desert, in the middle of no where. Like, this is where murderers dump the dead bodies people! I watch Criminal Minds way too much for this sort of thing. So what happened exactly? Well, as we set out to make the 2 hour journey home, before we could get too far, one of the car engines overheated. We ended up waiting a couple hours for the tow truck, then got a call saying no tow truck was coming. We sat on the side of the road for a good hour, finally decided to pull off to a creepy gas station cause we all were starving, had a nice little picnic in the car just to be told our AAA hero would not be coming to the rescue. So, we were gonna have to cram into the remaining two cars. In the end, it actually ended up being a lot of fun, getting to know each other better and creating long lasting memories. The one down side was that I had to drive for 2 hours trying not to fall asleep because I knew I had my precious cargo to take care of. To be honest, I may have fallen asleep a few times... but we all survived!

So there’s a little snip bit of the Vantage trip! Flash forward to life in the now, and it is crazy busy! I shot a wedding this weekend, worked on editing photos I took for a baby announcement and this Friday I will have another shoot, which I’m extremely excited for. The concept is great and it’s with a dear friend. But aside from the crazy busy life, I still will make this blog a priority! (I’m actually sitting at the hair salon waiting to get my roots touched up as I type all of this now). So let me tell you a bit about this dress right here. It was one of those lucky finds shopping around Fremont District in Seattle one day. There’s this little modern boutique that I totally fell in love with, Pipe + Row. If you’re ever in the area, I really do suggest you go take a peek, even if it’s just some window shopping.

Well, I hope you all enjoy this little editorial, and will tune in next week for The Vantage Series - Pt. 3, where I will be sharing some very exciting news… winky face…