Ferry Ride

I was pretty young the first time I went on a ferry ride. I remember my sisters and I looking over the side of the boat and seeing jelly fish floating around. Our parents even got us these shark gummies to eat to enhance the experience. Something so simple yet so exciting for a child. I think I often take living in the PNW for granted. I like the rain, to an extent, but I hate being cold. So naturally, I am usually pretty miserable living here. But every now and then, I realize how beautiful my home is.

I was driving home yesterday evening, it was sunny and peaceful, true Spring weather. The clear sky allowed me to see Mt. Rainier in all her glory. Moments like that, make me realize how blessed I am. Sure Washington is wet and rainy 87% of the time, but we have the mountains, the ocean, the greenery, the city. Basically the full package. It's easy to wish you could just leave or move somewhere. I think drastic changes in life make us feel like we're progressing, whereas when we stay where we are, even if we're doing the things we love with the people we love, we can start to feel complacent.

I've really struggled with this lately. But I've come to realize that if I am surrounded by the people I care about, and I'm doing the kind of work that makes my soul happy, why am I in such a rush to try and move or leave or get to the next phase of life? Don't get me wrong, complacency isn't a good thing, but you don't have to make some big life change to continue your growth. It's good to have some roots. I know someday I'll look back on this time of my life and wish that I would have slowed down. I'll wish that I would have loved myself more, inside and out, and I'll wish that I would have lived in the moment  more than trying to plan my whole future out.

Whenever I start overthinking things and freak out, (and try to plan my whole life out even though it most likely won't end up exactly as planned cause who's life ever does...) my boyfriend likes to say, "We'll let future Hobie and Tawny worry about that" and even though it drives me insane when he says that, I think he could be onto something. So for now, all of the things that I let get to me, like the how's and when's and where's and why's, we'll let future Tawny worry about that. I have to let present Tawny live in the moment before it passes.

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Photos x Kelsey Marie Photo