I chose the name "Sisters" because the inspiration for these looks is very soft, endearing and intimate. I asked the girls to come up with a story behind the concept. What's the sisters' story? What have you all endured together that has made you so close to one another? What are your names? Where are you from? And how did you all come to find one another?

This is their story...

"We are young women in a dystopian world, escaping from a society in which conformity and uniformity is emphasized. Our individuality brought us together as sisters and we are on a mission to find a better place where people, especially women, can express and empower themselves. We want to represent the freedom, beauty, and simplicity of life." The names they chose were, Magnolia, Victoria, Gabriella, and Ruby.

Photography x Ike & Tash

Styling & Concept x Tawny Smith

Shot at Lands End, San Francisco