The Giving Keys

Just a little bit ago, The Giving Keys reached out to my girl Kelsey, asking her to collaborate with them; they would send her five Giving Keys in exchange for her to do a photo shoot featuring the keys. She decided to go full out and get together a whole creative team! This shoot was such a crazy fun experience and everyone owned their piece. If you don't know what The Giving Keys are all about, you need to! Basically, they are a "pay it forward" kind of company. Find out more on how the giving keys work by clicking here.

Each key has a different word engraved on it, that word is meant to represent a quality that the person wearing it possesses. Our videographer came up with an amazing video to relay this message. I hope you look into The Giving Keys and enjoy the pictures and video from this shoot. All credits will be given below!

If you wanna see Jordan's Video, click here!

Photographer: Kelsey Marie Photo

Videographer: Jordan O'baya

Models: Ben Graves, Hannah Swan, Roman Protoliuk, Aliss Niles, Yadder Arnold

Stylist: Tawny Smith

Hair: Shayli Woodard

Makeup: Chloe O'baya & Shaune Rosales

Lights/Runner: Josh Perez