I have always had a taste for the eccentric. Anything unconventional or strange captures my interest. The arts have a been a part of my life from the start coming from a family of creatives; piano lessons, dance classes, and theatre performances were the norm. I knew that I wanted to pursue the arts at an early age but just wasn’t sure in what way until I discovered a love for fashion.

After graduating with my BA in Fashion Merchandising at the age of 19, I have been a freelance stylist/creative director and a flakey blogger. I chose the name The Chic Chameleon because of my eclectic taste. My style ranges far and wide, and I never can seem to stick to just one specific aesthetic. That's my niche though, being versatile (the versatile reptile!)

I marvel at the concept that a moment can be captured in time with a click of a camera. And within that process, the viewer can be transported to a whole new fantasy world for just a brief moment. Editorials and high fashion, the kind of fashion that is seen as art, is what I have fallen in love with. And I hope that is what you find here; art.

- Tawny