Spring , where U at?

I saw this funny meme the other day that had a lady who was crouched down and squinting  and it said, "Me: Looking out the window in the morning to see what season we doing today" and it is so true!!! I think within just the last week I've experienced fall, winter, and spring. One day its beautiful and sunny and a little warmer and then the next day, we are having just a downpour of rain!

But I won't have to suffer too much longer... becaaaauuuse... I leave for PARIS on Tuesday!!! (and it's supposed to be like 70+ degrees there.) I am so stinking excited to be going to two of my top places on my bucket list; Paris + Milan. Two of the world's fashion capitals! I have never been out of the country, except for Canada... and that doesn't even really count.

We plan on doing all of the necessary touristy things, going to a tea party, experiencing the beautiful art, and eating lots and LOTS of crepes and pasta. However, if anyone out there has any MUST DO recommendations or knows of some place that has life changing bread, then I am all ears! Can't wait to share photos of our adventures!

Siiiiidebar, but not really a sidebar cause this is a "fashion blog" believe it or not... I looove this funky little top, I'll probably take it to Paris with me. Shop the top while its on sale by clicking HERE! 

Photos x Kelsey Marie Photo