There is indeed a reason why I titled this post "Haunted" and it is completely irrelevant to the topic of fashion, but nonetheless I thought it was fitting. Let me give you a little what goes on behind the scenes...

I had seen this old rickety house almost daily as I would have to drive by it to get in and out of the valley. I thought it was beautiful and sad that such a pretty home would be left for ruins. I decided that I wanted to use it for a shoot, in all its dilapidated glory. What was strange about this place though, was that almost every time I would drive by it late at night, a light would be shining through the upstairs windows. I'd wonder to myself, "that makes no sense... It's abandoned, how is the electricity not shut off? And who is turning the lights on every night?"

Even after Kelsey and I shot here, and scoped the house out a little bit, the lights would still be shining at night. When I told Kelsey about this, she paused and said, "Okay... I have to tell you something. When I was editing your pictures, I swear I saw a face in the window in the background of a photo." This immediately sent chills down my spine. She showed me the picture, and I saw it. A shadowy silhouette of what could be just a simple reflection mixed with our crazy creative imaginations, or who knows... maybe the silhouette was more than just the sun glistening on the window. To state the obvious, she edited out our little friend, so don't bother studying the pictures to see if you too can catch a glimpse.

But enough of my little tales, the real reason why you're here is fashion, right? But what's fashion without a little mystery? My current favorite go to for this (slowly but surely progressing) warm weather would be wrap dresses. If you have ever worn a wrap dress, then I don't have to try and convince you of how amazing they are. It's literally like wearing a cute robe all day. You just wrap yourself up and go. So easy, so comfortable, and so cute. Make Me Chic has all the goodies. Several wrap dress options with so many other stylish and affordable clothes, accessories, etc. Shop this dress directly by clicking here

Now as for the possible haunted house, Kelsey and I rebuked any evil spirits in the name of Jesus and agreed that maybe we won't be returning to this location. Either way, the aesthetic for the shoot turned out pretty cool, eh??

Thanks for reading!

xx, CC

Photos x Kelsey Marie Photo