The Vantage Series - Pt. 3

I have been waiting to share this shoot for a long time now! This trip as a whole was so much fun; the pictures were just a bonus. If you ever find yourself driving all the way out to the desert in the middle of nowhere (past Cle Elum), I really do recommend stopping at Vantage just to enjoy the view for awhile. This shoot was probably my favorite just because of the atmosphere. The wind, the scenery, everything was so perfect. Plus it gave me an excuse to rock my super crazy boho Billabong pants. Yes, those are pants with giant slits on the sides and they are quite comfortable. As for my amazing fringe vest... thriiiiiift. Thrifting is the answer, my friends. It's real suede and authentic, like straight out of the 70's, I swear. Sometimes you just have to let your inner "hypsy", (mixture between a gypsy and a hippie) come out.

Now, as for the news I said I would be sharing this week, I'm leaving for TEXAS on Friday! Woohoooo, I am so excited to join my amazing blog photographers, Ike & Tash, along with several other girlies to their conference, BLINK. I had thought about doing a blog post on packing techniques and giving out some good tips, but then I realized I actually suck at packing. I can never decide what to bring, so I just end up bringing everything I can squeeze in my bag, granted I do leave a little bit of room for what I bring back with me cause ya know, a girl's gotta shop, but that's beside the point. The point is, I overpack! But hey, I rather be over prepared than under prepared. So wish me luck with packing and stay tuned on the blog AND Instagram for some BLINK Conference updates.