The Vantage Series

I'm just gonna be honest with you guys, this week has been "one of those weeks." Ever had "one of those weeks" that just makes you want to sit and stare blankly cause your brain actually can't function properly anymore? Yaaaaa... It's been busy, and to close it all out, I got a cold goin' on so this has been me all day, "I promise I'm not crying, just half of my face is draining snot and tears."  But hey, it was a good week too! Monday was super fun, I attended the StyleUP event at Pacific Place in Seattle. It was so cool to connect with some fellow bloggers and pick their brains; as a little baby blogger, I just try to soak up every little bit of information I can get! For example, I am not technologically savvy so It's a wonder how I even was capable of creating my own website, ha! But as of now, I can't even figure out how to get certain features to work on this thing! So be patient with me everyone... 

Aside from all of that, I am extremely excited to get the "Editorial" side of my blog going! I love editorials... they can be so crazy and weird yet beautiful and expressive! So, I am starting out simple, with nothing toooooo crazy. In order for you to understand my love for editorials, I really wanted to break down the definition of it. I found this cool article that put it simply like this:

Commercial Photography sells a product.
Fashion Photography sells a lifestyle.
Editorial Photography sells a story.

I LOVE A GOOD STORY! These next few posts will all be a continuing story, and as I post them I will share more about the whole crazy experience and how the group I was with almost got stuck in the desert overnight... Which means you'll have to stay tuned if ya wanna know what went down, but for now we'll just start here ;) So without further adieu, I give you Week One of The Vantage Series.

Pictures by Ike&Tash - Styling by your very own Chameleon