A Taste Of Summer

"Summertiiiiiime & the livin is eaaaasyyyyyy."

Living in the PNW is such an advantage in my opinion. We have just about everything; forests, mountains, waterfalls, the beach, small towns, the city... all wrapped into one little spot on the map. Admittedly, one thing that we don't have all that often is the sun... But when the sun does decide to make an appearance, it makes the day all the more enjoyable!

I love the summer. It without a doubt is my favorite season of the year. I can't wait to not have to care about socks and just run around barefoot, or not have to worry about lugging around a big giant coat to keep warm. No, I much rather run around half naked, as some might say. 

Just kidding, no one should be running around naked! Ha! 

But what I do enjoy, is a fun summer piece that can be paired with numerous other pieces to make totally different outfits while still using that same article of clothing as your base.

Take this white halter top for example. It's simple and neutral, so it can be paired with nearly anything. It can be dressed up, or dressed down and of course, is very comfortable.

What drew me to this piece in the first place though was that it is crocheted. Okay so back story; the reason why I think I may love crocheted clothing so much dates back to probably the early 2000's. I had this Barbie... and she was unlike all my other Barbies. She had caramel skin, big fluffy curly hair, and a butterfly tattoo. The outfit she came in was none other than a pink crocheted bikini and I LOVED that bikini. And from there, my love for crocheted apparel began.

So when I saw this little piece hangin' in good ol' H&M, I swooped it up mighty quick. Be on the lookout this summer! Your outfits can become so quick and easy yet adorable when you have a variety of stylish basics stocked up in your closet. I've learned recently that it pays more to have a couple of really great (maybe even more expensive) pieces that you'll wear over and over again, rather than a bunch of cheap clothing that will just sit in your closet that you'll maybe wear from time to time. I was once told that women on average repeatedly use the same 15 pieces of clothing from their closet. Keep that in mind next time you consider buying something just because it's a good price, think to yourself, "If this was $10 more, would I spend the money on it?"

Thanks for reading and I hope this post has made some of you eager to get out there and be adventurous with crocheted clothing! #belikemybarbie


Photographer: Ike & Tash

Concept & Styling: Tawny Smith