Kahini Fashion Show & Launch

A cute new little boutique is in town and it is called Kahini. Trust me, it took me forever to learn how to pronounce it and I still think I may say it wrong. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend this launch party / fashion show. The event took place at the Factoria Square Mall in Bellevue which is where the store is located.

What I really enjoyed about this designer's show, was that there were 4 sets of entirely different looks. The first look reflected what many of us know as the "boho" trend. The next look was attire fit for the office or a nice evening out. Next, the models wore all black so that the focus would be on the amazing jewelry and body pieces. Lastly, the models wore fun and sparkly evening wear.

I of course had some favorites! Check them out and give her website a look. The clothes are adorable and the jewelry is actually really awesome and unique!


In other news, You guys remember when I went to Vegas? Well ya, so tomorrow I get to wake up at the crack of dawn to head on out for Cannon Beach, Oregon. My four favorite photogs are hosting yet another shoot out, but this time it's just a little closer to home for me. I am so excited that it's in what I consider to be my home away from home. My family was never much of a camping family, but we all loved the ocean. So my sisters and I grew up vacationing in Cannon Beach. Every time I get to go, I just wanna take it all in; the feel of the sand, the smell of the salt water... heck, even the smell of low tide can't dampen my mood when I am there.

So be following along on social media tomorrow (especially snapchat: tawnymarie04) to witness all the fun!

Photographer: Jared Ribic, Identity Crisis Studio