So this is me...

Hi, my name is Tawny, and I l.o.v.e. clothes. Now, you may be wondering what on earth does a little funky looking lizard that changes colors based off of their surroundings have to do with being "chic"? It honestly has nothing to do with it, but its a fun analogy. See, I have never really been into one specific type of style. Some days I love to rock my tallest pair of heels with a nice slim skirt and some gaudy statement necklace, and other days, I throw on the coziest pair of pants I got and a nice big t-shirt and call it good! My mom has always thought it was funny, how I can completely transform my look day by day, (I say its usually based off of my mood, ya know? Somedays I feel on top of the world, others I want to crawl under a rock), but she was so amused she started calling me a chameleon. I kinda laughed and shrugged off the joke and didn't think much of it, but then as I started getting the same kind of response from coworkers in the office and people in my daily life, I thought well shoot, I might as well own it. So, this is me! I am a fashion guru who doesn't really stick to any one thing. So if you think you're gonna see my Insta feed look all pretty and every post is based off of the same color scheme as the rest of my posts, think again! I used to look at other bloggers and think, how in the world do they do that? How do all their posts just flow so nicely together? And I really started hating what my Instagram looked  like! (I even went on a deleting binge and was slightly horrified at what I used to think was "postable" quality), but then I realized... this is my niche. Sure it'd be cool to look all fancy and have a pretty feed, but thats just NOT ME. I am all over the place, that’s kinda how I like it though. I love my daily dose of street fashion, but am also obsessed with editorials. I decided not to limit myself, to just do what I am passionate about and that will be what makes my blog, mine. So ya, sometimes my makeup isn't "on point", my roots aren't always touched up, and most of the time my hair is in a messy bun, but thats just REAL life, and thats what you're going to get here, a little bit of messy, a little bit of crazy, and a whole lot of Tawny.

So here goes, when planning out my blog (which there is a lot of planning that goes into these things), I met up with my photographer and brainstormed names, ideas, and the overall vision for the blog. I decided that for my first blog post, we were gonna keep it simple. I didn't want to use pictures from a big shoot with my hair all done and makeup all perfect. I just wanted to simply get out there, what I'm all about, and what the blog is going to be all about. So for the first shoot, it's just me :) messy bun, minimal makeup, and some of my favorite fashion resources. So I hope you join me in this adventure and enjoy it along the way. Feel free to leave comments and be sure to head on over to the "SUBSCRIBE" tab!

With all that being said, I of course have to give some thanks to those who have helped make this blog what it is! I pretty much have the absolute best photographers out there, Ike&Tash! I am so thankful for you guys, I could not have done this without your encouragement and guidance, plus there would pretty much be no blog content without the pictures you provide me with! Also, to my sister Tasha for helping me design my logo, and James Kidd for being the best graphic designer out there who tweaked and worked on the design with me until it perfectly fit my vision! Love you all, I am extremely blessed.