Bring The 50's Back

Okay everybody, we're throwing it back this week! Not only cause my hair is it's natural color in this shoot, but because I want to bring the 50's back! If I were to pick another era to live in, I'd have a tough time choosing between the 20's and the 50's solely for the fashion. The whole nipped waist and full skirt look that Dior made famous just makes my heart happy (not to mention how attractive those greasers must have been in their bad boy leather and cuffed jeans...hmmm).

I digress... as many of you may or may not know, my major is in fashion merchandising, which means I also get to go to school with fashion design majors which definitely has its perks. This gorgeous, vibrant red 50's Dior inspired skirt was made specially for me by a local designer and dear friend of mine who specializes in remaking vintage clothing... which technically makes it retro... (we'll talk about that in another blog post someday). She had worn a skirt similar to this one to school one day and I fell in love with it! The watch you see in the pictures was the color I asked her to find when looking for fabric, and as you can tell, she did a pretty darn good job at finding a match. Not only did she give me the color I wanted, but the size is perfect. I got short girl problems, okay? Every t-length skirt on me looks like a floor length gown... So I'm sure you can imagine how amazing it is to have someone customize a garment precisely how you want it! Oh... you can't imagine? Well that's okay, cause I can help you out with that. My amazing friend is accepting order requests! Prices do vary on fabrics so if you're interested, you can send in an email to and we'll talk price, style, measurements, etc.

Seriously, I'm not trying to be all "sales pitchy", the designer didn't even ask me to blog about it, I just freaking love it that much! So help me out ladies! Bring the 50's baaaaaack. Maybe if we bring the 50's back, the men will too.......... 

What era would you live in if you could pick??? Leave comments! I want to know what era of fashion you adore most. Don't forget to subscribe as well, yes I am going to pester you all about that ;) Oh, and I hope you enjoy the last picture with my precious little Miss Wisdom! She behaves so well while her mommy and daddy are busy shooting, follow her on insta @lifewithwisdom.

Designer. Edie Brown - P.C. Ike&Tash