Make A Wish

a life update

For those of you who know me personally, know that I have never planned on staying in Washington my whole life. I have always had the desire to move specifically to California like everyone else and their grandmother. The timing just was never right, but the desire never left. Over the years I have just been doing the best that I can with what is in front of me. And I am so thankful for those seasons. I have worked with some great companies that have taught me so much, met and worked with so many wonderful and talented creatives, and grown tremendously as an artist myself.

Throughout this process, I constantly wished that my time would come sooner, but once it did, I found myself wishing time would slow down just a little bit, so I could savor things a little more. After waiting and praying and preparing, God finally made a way, how could I of doubted Him? He always comes through. I am so excited to officially be living in West Hollywood CA, with my sweet friend and incredibly talented makeup artist, Alexis Neely. Our deal is that I style her, and she does my makeup. I think we are going to be a pretty great team.

This adventure is unlike any other I’ve experienced. For the first time in my life there is so much unknown ahead. It is scary yet so exciting. I can’t wait to see how things unfold and be able to look back one day in awe at how it all came together.

Wish us luck.

Photos x Rachel Syrisko

Makeup x Alexis Neely

Styling x Me