Hug Me Tight

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the artists of Tacoma? This wall is ridiculous. When do people even paint them? I've never seen anyone painting the walls around Tacoma, but so many of them are covered with incredible works of art. Do they do it at night? When no one is watching? Is this legal? I don't know, but I sure do appreciate you, mystery street artists.

So, lately I have really been into the whole "graphic tee" ordeal, which means when I came across a table full of cute graphic tees in Zara, I was all like "HALLELUJAH." I thought the little delicate writing was adorable and it was a darn good price. Thank you Zara in Texas, you done me good.

As for this fur vest, I originally bought (click here for whereabouts) it for a photo shoot I was styling in Texas during the Blink Conference and we ended up not using it, BUT my lovely photographer, Tash, fell in love with it and made it hers. It looks bomb on her, but I had to steal it back for this shoot, so thanks Tash, you wear it better anyways ;)

And last but not least, don't judge my sunglasses, I think they're pretty modern and legit. I loved them so much I got a black pair too, and will be sharing where I got them and why I'm so excited about them in a future post.

So that's all for tonight, short and sweet... kinda just like me... hehehhhh.