Her Success Is Not My Failure

"You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up instead of tearing each other down." 

- Author Unknown

One of my greatest passions is building up and encouraging other young women. To be real, girls can just be plain nasty sometimes. We're moody, dramatic, and not to mention our monthly gift from Mother Nature does NOT help the situation. As if already having insecurities as young women wasn't enough, we bash on each other, bring each other down, talk behind each other's backs etc. And not only that, but we compare ourselves to one another. Whether it's thinking that "she's a better blogger, a better singer, has prettier hair, better clothes..." the list goes on and on. BUT, we have to know that we all have our own individual purpose, specifically designed for us. HER SUCCESS IS NOT MY FAILURE. When someone in our life succeeds where we do not, that doesn't mean we have failed! It means we should be cheering our sister along, knowing that if she wins, we win too.

I love this whole ideology, and that is why I was so excited to partner up with Latasha Haynes (from Ike&Tash) to support her and join in on this movement; Her Success Is Not My Failure. So instead of only worrying about ourselves and being consumed with our own personal achievements, let's build one another up and support each other in every industry out there.

Join in on this movement with me ladies! Follow @becausehersuccess on Instagram and send me an email at thechicchameleon@gmail.com or message me on Instagram to order and purchase your own t-shirt.   

P.C. Ike&Tash