The Beauty Of Hope

I recently took a global sourcing class and after the course was complete, I can honestly say I really do question where a lot of the products we buy are coming from, and how they are being manufactured.

That is why I was so thrilled when Kristina Valiani, the founder and owner of The Beauty of Hope, asked me to stop by her headquarters located in Bothell, WA, and try some of their beauty products.

Not only are The Beauty of Hope’s ingredients and materials sourced ethically, but each product is hand-crafted in house. And let me tell you what, they are to die for. 

The aroma of the soy candles is sensational while the avocado based body butter smells so good and is so soft I want to eat it. Although the majority of their body products are exclusive to the store, their soy candles can be purchased from resort spas and on the website. But, if you do have the time, I sincerely recommend taking a little trip to the flagship store to check out other products such as their body scrubs, bath soaks, body oils, and again my favorite, the whipped body butter. It is beyond worth it. 

So guess what? I have a special promo code for anyone who wishes to make a purchase from their online store, just enter in “chic20” and you will receive 20% off of your purchase! I suggest their best seller, peach & white tea, or my personal favorite coconut & mango. Being that these are hand-crafted soy candles, their scent is not overpoweringly obnoxious, it is so relaxing and calming. Trust me, I wouldn’t brag about a product that I didn't believe in ;)

The Beauty of Hope stands for a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. Ten percent of The Beauty of Hope’s revenue is donated to non-profits who share a common goal of helping victims of the sex trade find hope for their futures and to encourage them that they are valued beyond belief. Many people see sex trafficking as more of a foreign issue, but just in the United States, the average age of entry into prostitution is between the ages of 11-13. And to further the horror, Washington is one of the most trafficked states in our nation.

The Beauty of Hope’s logo is made up of four lotus flowers. The lotus flower, while rooted in the mud, grows despite its dark and dreary atmosphere. It blossoms into a beautiful flower, representing purity. Like this, we hope that the victims of sex trafficking will be able to bloom from adversity.

So really when it comes down to it, you’re buying a great product that is made and sourced ethically, supports such a significant cause, AND is 20% discounted with the code. I really could not make this any better or easier than it is.

To further your knowledge of the booming industry of the sex trade, The Beauty of Hope provides some more statistics that are heart shattering but desperately need to be brought to light. You can find them here.

I know this post is more serious than previous ones, but this cause is too important not to bring awareness to. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your products from The Beauty of Hope!

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Photographer: Ike & Tash