The Met Gala

If there were ever an event I would want to go to in my lifetime, it would be the Met Gala. A modern day Cinderella kind of ball. If you don't know what the Met Gala is, it is an annual fundraiser for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City.

Every year there is a particular theme. Celebrities show up in absolute works of art, costumes, and gowns. This year's theme was inspired by Rei Kawakubo, designer of Comme des Garçons. "Rei Kawakubo is the first living designer since Yves Saint Laurent in 1983 to be the sole subject of the Met's blockbuster fashion exhibit." says British Vogue. What an honor! This designer's work truly is like no other's.

With this being more of a costume party, some of the more eccentric celebrities such as Rihanna and Katy Perry, go all out. And why wouldn't you?! This is the one time of the year people let ART BE ART with little judgment. Note that I said "little judgement."

One of my biggest "pet peeves" is when people who aren't necessarily involved in the fashion industry criticize runway fashion... "What is that?" "That is so weird... No one would ever wear that." "That's ugly, why would anyone want to buy that?" IT IS NOT ABOUT FEASABLE FASHION ALL OF THE TIME. Designers are artists too. Just like painters and sculptors and musicians. Everything that goes down a runway isn't always about selling a product, (that is what ready to wear fashion is for.) Sometimes, it's a designer simply sharing their beautiful creations. The runway is like their art gallery. 

So, I just wanted to share a few of my favorites from the Met Gala. Some more unconventional than others, but if you can't go all out for the Met Gala, then where can you? I know some of you probably won't admit it, but I am sure there are plenty of us who miss dressing up like we did when we were little kids, being able to sneak off to our own little fantasy world. It's a shame we no longer can do so without being labeled by society as a weirdo...

To read more about the Met Gala and to see more pictures and videos of the attendees, here are a few fun links! 

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Hope you all enjoy the crazy costumes as much as I do.

xo, CC

The 89th annual Academy Awards

Ohhh awards season. How I love this time of year. People are going crazy over the whole La La Land and Moonlight mixup, Jimmy Kimmel and his rival with Matt Damon, and of course Chrissy Teigen getting caught taking a quick snooze (she's a mom of an 11 month old, I don't blame her).

But what I look forward to the most, is of course the red carpet moments. Couture gowns, designer jewelry, it just doesn't get much better. 

This year, so many women came dressed with a purpose which I love. The blue ribbons you may have seen on some actresses stood as a symbol of support and agreement with the American Civil Liberties Union. Ruth Negga explains why she chose to support the cause, you can click here to watch what she had to say.

Olivia Culpo made her appearance in a stunning custom made Marchesa in collaboration with Stella Artois and the nonprofit in support of a clean drinking water campaign. The dress was actually made with pieces from the Stella Artois chalices. Olivia wasn't the only one dressed for a cause. Emma Roberts wore a vintage Armani Privé; sustainable fashion and in support of Red Dress Green Carpet initiative.

I love seeing actresses bringing awareness to certain causes with their fashion choices! What a way to use their voices. Now, on to my favorite part, the best dressed and worst dressed...

Starting from top to bottom, Sofia Boutella made heads turn. And I am not talking about heads turning in a good way, more like turing in a "wtf is that" way. This Chanel gown just did not do it for me, it looked like two separate pieces, the top look like a short dress with feathers stuffed underneath it, it just didn't flow.

As for Alicia Vikander wearing Louis Vuitton yet again this year, her dress reminds me of the little salsa dancing emoji only in black... Her dress for the 2016 Oscars was the talk of the town, which set the standard high, and she just didn't reach it this season.

Okay. Dakota Johnson. Honestly, I just don't think there is anything nice that I can say about this one. I just wanna kinda puke. It's awful and as E! News put it, there's some "weird prairie vibes" goin on. Sorry Gucci...

Scarlett Johansson, beautiful as always, but just disappointing. Her Azzedina Alaia gown just wasn't enough. I truly expected more from her!

Finally, Teresa Palmer in Prada. There is just nothing flattering about this gown. The belt in the center of her tummy and the seem at the hips, this style is rarely flattering for any figure. 

Alright, enough of the negative. It's time to talk about the best dressed. There were do many that I was head over heals for this year!

Chrissy Teigen looked stunning in Zuhair Murad and had the best of the best for an accessory, a/k/a her husband, John Legend. They are SO cute.

Another few favorites; Karlie Kloss in Stella McCartney. I support anything and everything Stella McCartney, she strives to be as eco-conscious and sustainable as possible. We then have Taraji in Alberta Ferretti. She looked so classy and timeless in this deep navy blue velvet gown, definitely one of my favorites of the night. Janelle Monae showed up in a true awards gown. Ellie Saab is so iconic, it is hard not to drool over a work of art such as this.

We then of course have Emma Stone, wearing a hand beaded gold Givenchy Haute Couture gown. This dress took eleven seamstresses and will be  the last haute couture gown designed by Riccardo Tisci  for the house of Givenchy. I love that she wore a dress that looks like it could have been taken right out of the same era as La La Land was in. How fitting.

Jessica Biel looked flawless wearing Kaufman Franco and a 2 million dollar Tiffany & Co. necklace. How can you not look good wearing a 2 million dollar necklace!? And of course, we can't forget her arm candy, Justin Timberlake who couldn't help but photo bomb a few of her red carpet shots.

As I mentioned earlier, Olivia Culpo looked stunning in her custom made Marchesa and Hailee Steinfeld made quite the appearance in Ralph and Russo Couture. They flew over an artist who hand painted the flowers on the fabric while Hailee wore it so that the flowers would cover her perfectly. Now that, is real couture.

I hope you all are as excited as I am about this new segment of my blog! As always, I am open to suggestions so if there is anything you want to hear more about, contact me or leave a comment below!

Have an amazing week,

xx, CC